Severine Sierens - Clarinet


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  • 09.03.2024   -Concert in Eeklo

    Concert with Theodorakis Ensemble.

  • 10.03.2024   -Concert in Belzele

    Concert in Evergem.

  • 24.03.2024   -Concert in Puurs

    Soloist with Nuove Musiche in Puurs (BE).

  • 21.04.2024   -Concert in Lotenhulle

    Concert with windband 'K.H. Concordia'.

  • 26.04.2024   -Concert in Adegem

    Concert with windband 'K.H. Concordia Waarschoot'.

  • 27.04.2024   -Concert in Wippelgem

    Concert with windband 'K.F. Willen Is Kunnen'.